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Our Team


Austin Molyneux


Austin has had a fascination with reptiles since his early childhood. What started as hiding garter snakes and fence lizards in his bedroom closet as a child developed into a lifelong passion for keeping and breeding rare and uncommon species. Acquiring his first Bearded Dragon and Northern Blue Tongue at the age of 12, inspired his lifelong love of Australian herpetofauna. He’s been breeding reptiles for 19 years with a focus on Blue Tongue Skinks since 2012. 


Rebecca Huyck


Rebecca started her reptile keeping career as a small girl roaming the hills of her parents property in Los Angeles in search of any lizard she could find. She took a break from reptile keeping to further her education, both here at home and abroad. Earning a BA In Global Studies from UC Santa Barbara, a MSc in International Politics from the University of Bristol UK, And an MFT in Marriage and Family Therapy from University Of San Francisco. After years studying politics and the the human brain, she decided that she preferred animals over people, and has been breeding New Caledonian Geckos and Blue Tongue Skinks since! 


Bailey Newman

Skink poop and extra snack expert

Bailey Newman is a vital part of our team. While hes only here part time, hes an honest, hardworking, guy that makes the animals health and wellbeing his primary focus. He is the most skilled poop remover ive ever met and nobody on earth is better at overfeeding reptiles when we are not looking.


Joe Molyneux

Heir to the Skink Poop Throne

Joe is an avid reptile enthusiast with a huge heart and a particular interest in Tortoises. Hes a tremendous help around here, an absolute asset to Moonshine Reptiles Arizona. Like the tortoises that he loves so much, hes also a bit slow moving (especially in cold weather) but he dedicates a huge amount of his free time to caring for the animals here, hes growing into an incredible man that I am proud of every single day.


Jake Molyneux

Bearded Dragon Boy

Jake is my 12 year old son. A huge fan of Bearded Dragons and Tegus. Like his Bearded Dragons, hes fast moving, sincerely believes that everything is food, and doesnt always smell great, but hes got an incredible desire to learn and an unparalleled ability to very quickly bond with even the most feisty lizards. Hes a very talented and irreplaceable member of the team.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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