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Northern Blue Tongue Skinks

Tiliqua scincoides intermedia

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Northern Blue Tongue Skinks: Welcome

Our Projects


Orange Line

This is a bloodline thats been a work in progress for 8 years. Using all available Orange bloodlines including Sunrise, Sunset, Fenn Orange, Galas "High Contrast Orange", Polish Orange, Jeff Greene's Red orange stock, and outcrossing to colorful Classics every step of the way, we've developed a unique, and distinct bloodline of vividly colored Northerns with a diverse genetic makeup.

Black Line

This is a bloodline developed over years of Rebeccas selective breeding. Starting with two Captive Bred Excellence bloodline classics and one from Bonita Galas, Rebecca has bred for darker and darker animals with each generation with the end result being a few nearly jet black Northerns. This bloodline is extremely diverse, having been outcrossed yearly since she started. 

Red Line

This bloodline originated with James Fenn in Tucson. Stunning red base color with great deep black markings. Jeff Greene spent years working on brightening the red color, we got our original stock from him. Now working with adults from Jeff and James and Ron Couto we are are outcrossing to reddish animals of our own making and producing vivid red offspring.

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Caramel and T+ Caramel

This line originated with James Wilson, later being handed over to Ray Gurgui. The T+ mutation popped up first at Rays place and we were one of the first to buy in. We have been working with the Caramel bloodline for many years and offer both traditional and T+ Caramel Northerns from a divorse and frequently outcrossed group.

White Line

Turner: Developed by Matt Turner and continued by Ray Gurgui, Northerns from this bloodline begin life fairly normal looking and turn white as they reach adulthood. Dont judge a young turners appearance until its at least a year or two old.
Fenn: Developed by James Fenn, this bloodline also starts life with normal coloration and whitens with age. 
we keep and breed both.

Classic Northern

We maintain a very large group of Classic Northerns from every bloodline available. While we do work with many line bred examples of the species, its hard to beat a pure classic Northern, exactly as nature intended them.

Northern Blue Tongue Skinks: Products
Northern Blue Tongue Skinks: Pro Gallery

Male Breeders 2022 Season:

Northern Blue Tongue Skinks: Text


25% Sunset - 75% Turner White

Achilles was produced here on 04/14/2014. Born to Fives (Produced by Ray Gurgui) and Lisa (Produced by Matt Turner. 
Fives is a Turner x Sunset Cross from Rays Sunset Male 3 bred to White Female 5
Lisa was Produced from Matt Turners unnamed white group.

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Oddball White Project

Albus was produced here from Thor x Special Ed. Just like his mother, he was born looking like a pale classic and grew into a grey and white adult. This bloodline has produced three identical ghostly looking animals. Something interesting going on here.

Northern Blue Tongue Skinks: Image
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