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5 Lot Breeder Bundle

5 Lot Breeder Bundle

This is a great little group of dragons. It will include a mix of sexes, these haven’t been sorted. Pics are a representation of the average animals in the clutch. Many of their older siblings are posted individually, check them out. Hypos, leatherbacks, normal scales, all will be het Trans and wits and poss het Zero and of course the ones that aren’t visual hypos will be het hypo. feeding heavily on Dubia/Lobster/Turkistan/Orange Head/Ivory/Discoid Roaches and mixed greens daily. Great eater, handled multiple times per day. Sex is guaranteed. Produced here by Daedalus our Male Red Trans Witblits 100% het Hypo 66% Het Zero male and FatFat a gorgeous Hypo Leatherback poss het Zero.

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