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Pangea 16 oz Breeder Formula Gecko Diet

Pangea 16 oz Breeder Formula Gecko Diet

Pangea 16 oz Breeder Formula Gecko Diet

Shelf life unopened is 18 months.  Shelf life opened and stored in the fridge in airtight container 12 months.  Room temperature storage not recommended once opened <6 months. PANGEA BREEDING FORMULA A complete gecko diet, PBF is designed to fulfill the unique requirements of reproductive crested geckos. The main source of fat and protein in this food is from Insects (crickets and black soldier fly larvae) while still remaining palatable and well liked by almost all geckos. The fruits used are a delicious blend of Bananas and Apricots that creates a feeding response similar to our other formulas.  The higher fat levels help keep egg production strong throughout the breeding season.  The calcium level is near the maximum level for a complete diet.  It is safe and sometimes necessary to add a little plain calcium to the food if your females are becoming depleted. Alternatively, you can offer plain calcium in a dish for your females to lick from as needed.  For more information on calcium please see our article here.  To get the most out of this diet, fresh food should be offered at least every other day during the breeding season even though there will be some waste. Smaller more frequent feedings are more appropriate for breeders than sparse feedings on which they tend to gorge themselves.  Live dusted insects are optional but can be offered once or twice a week in place of PBF for variety and to help keep your geckos active and stimulated.

PBF was is ideally suited as a breeder formula but can be fed to geckos of all life stages.  It is showing a lot of promise as a growth formula however it was developed and tested with breeders so it will take more time before we can conclusively make that claim.   *      -Very Palatable. *      -Most of the protein and fat from insect sources. *      -Higher fat content for great breeding results. *      -Maximum calcium levels. *      -Excellent For Breeders but can also be fed to geckos of all life stages.

Mixing:  This is a thicker mix and is usually eaten best when mixed thick like ketchup.  2.5 parts water to 1 part powder. Generally speaking, most geckos are not going to clean their bowl everytime as they may with the lower fat content formulas.

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