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We have many projects with holes that need to be filled. If you have anything from the lists below and are interested in any of the species that we work with shoot me an email and lets talk!

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We are always interested in trades for other Skinks. Primarily Interested in:

-Unsexed or Male Irian Jayas

-Tanimbars of any sex/age/size/color

-Select Indonesian, Halmahera, Merauke, Northern, and Eastern Blue Tongues

-Blotched and Western Blue Tongues of any age/sex/size

-Shingleback Skinks

-Egernia and Bellatorias Skinks

-Fire Skink morphs and Cbb Normals

-Pairs of Trachylepis

-Monkey Tails



Primarily Interested in adding to our groups of:

-Hingeback Tortoises- Any Species

-Select Redfoot/Yellowfoot/Cherryheads

-Box Turtles Both American and Asian

with priority given to Chinese/Eastern/Florida/Ornate Box Turtles

-North American Wood Turtles

-Select South American Wood Turtles

-Burmese Mountain Tortoises, Black and Brown

-Elongated and Forstens Tortoises

Yellow Male Crested.jpg


We are looking to add to our groups of
-Pictus Geckos
-Frog Eye Geckos (Any Species)
-Fat Tail Geckos
-Cresteds (need females with lineage)
-Gargoyles (both sexes with lineage)
-Chahouas both PI's and Mainlands
-Potentially looking to expand into other species such as Leachianus, Nephrurus, etc.

Female Hypo Bearded.jpg

Other Lizards

Looking to add a few odds and ends and potentially start a couple new projects

-Bearded Dragons (females)

Rankins/Minor/Barbatas of any age and sex

-Cuban Iguanas


-Spiny Tail Iguanas

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