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Available Bearded Dragons

Baby Dragons Available are at least 5-6 weeks of age and feeding on a mix of 18 dark leafy greens daily, along with occasional fruits and vegetables and  a mix of insects including small Superworms, Crickets, Dubia/Discoid/Hisser/Orange Head/Red Runner/Lobster Roach Nymphs, Black Soldier Fly Larvae/Waxworms/Butterworms. These little guys have been fed an extremely varied diet and will eat anything you offer them.

Disclaimer: If a baby dragon is listed as a male or a female, this is a best guess based upon visual indicators, (bulges etc) not a guarantee. With that being said, if im not quite sure, Ill list as unsexed. 

Nips: Any missing parts will be detailed in the description of each animal. While we do our best to prevent the little monsters from nibbling on each other, they are housed in small groups and nips do happen. i guarantee that at the time of sale each animal is intact unless stated otherwise. I can not guarantee however, that they will not have the occasional small bite mark.

Available Bearded Dragons: Welcome

Lucy x Pumpkin

Red Hypo Trans Blue Bar German Giant x Red Tiger 100% Het Hypo & Translucent

22 Gorgeous hatchlings with vivid Blue Bars on a Red or Orange base. All normal scale, we have Hypos, Translucents, and HypoTrans

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Available Bearded Dragons: Products
Available Bearded Dragons: Product Gallery

Daedalus x Fatfat

Red Trans Witlits poss het Zero x Hypo Leatherback het Zero

24 Gorgeous hatchlings Hypos, Leatherbacks, all het Trans/Wits and poss het Zero

Available Bearded Dragons: Text
Available Bearded Dragons: Products
Available Bearded Dragons: Product Gallery
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