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Welcome To Moonshine Reptiles Arizona

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We keep and breed a variety of species and subspecies of Blue Tongue Skinks.
Northerns, Easterns, Blotched, Irian Jayas, Meraukes, Kei Islands, Halmaheras, and Classic Indos.
We also maintain groups of Kenyan Zebra skinks, Fire Skinks, Green Tree Skinks, and various Egernia. Many of which are available here seasonally.



We work with a variety of geckos species.
Cresteds, Gargoyles, Chahouas, E. Agricolae, E. Vieillardi, Mournings, Leopards, Fat Tails, Bandeds, Roborowsi and S.scincus Frog Eyes. Check the for sale page for availability.


Odds and Ends

We maintain breeding groups of many other species. Bearded Dragons, Blue Tegus, Red Tegus, various Tortoises, Amphibians, and fish. These, along with select import species will be offered on the for sale page when available.


Dry Goods

We intend to offer a full line of supplies for each of the species available on our site. New products will be posted monthly.

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